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Cygnet Amphibious Trikes
Welcome to Cygnet Amphibious Trikes. We sell, train and manufacture Cygnet Amphibious Trikes.

Located in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Michael Percy, owner and builder can build you a a Cygnet II two seater or an Explorer one seater.
Recently, Michael bought all manufacturing rights to build Krucker Cygnet. Now known as Cygnet Aircraft.

Call Jeff Bell for your training and sales today.

History of Krucker Cygnet Amphibious Trikes:

Flying a trike on floats use to be quite an experience, since no float on the market was designed for the unique characteristics of "Trike Flying." 

J.P Krucker of Sudbury fell in love with Trike Flying about 4 years ago after seeing one on the internet. He designed and built his own trike, and then designed a set of floats for it.

  JP Krucker flying his model

In the development of the floats he found that what a trike needs to take off and land efficiently on water is a "two step" float. For the past 3 years he has been "tweaking" his all aluminum floats to the point where he now feels he has something that trike pilots will be very pleased with.

The floats feature a single lever retract system. The lever located to the left of the pilot as he sits in the seat is a gravity feed system, to drop the gear you just hit the release mechanism and all three wheels drop and lock into position.

To retract you just pull up and lock the gear into place. It takes only seconds to do either. 

The new Krucker Signet amphib trike's seating has been lowered by 6 inches of previous models, has a molded CSA approved 10 gallon plastic fuel tank below seats, a newly designed instrument pod,  a splash guard pan for prop protection, and features a paddle attachment bracket.

Krucker floats are made from 5052 aluminum, the same used for pontoon boats, weighing only 93 lbs mounted. Using the same material that boats are made of, with all welded seams, NO rivets so they don't leak. With three chambers per float they combine to over 1800 lbs of floatation. The floats are coated with a plastic bottom to allow for beaching of the aircraft, without damaging the float.

The Cygnet comes with front wheel steering, front wheel brakes, and full dual controls. The craft can be delivered to the customer in kit form, or ready to fly away.

For owners of trikes the float kit option can be purchased separately with all of the hardware necessary to mount it to pretty well any trike currently flying, and should take about a day to install. Ultralight News

Jeff Bell, trains and sells Krucker's. He has 20 + years experience with ultralgihts. From Flightstar, QuickSilver, Polaris Flying Inflatable Boat to small aircraft. Cessna's and Citations Jets. 2012 update


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